Denver Infill Forecast: Looking Ahead at the Next Five Years

October 24, 2017

Urban infill development is a recent trend that is making its way into Denver. Already, Denver infill has become a hot topic for Denver investment advisors. Over the next five years, city planners expect to see billions of dollars spent on redevelopment projects of all kinds.

What’s Coming to Denver?

Since 2015, Denver has seen a spike in redevelopment projects. Most notably, land for sale in Denver’s core districts has risen in price dramatically, with commercial buildings being taken over and turned into Class A office space, living spaces and new retail centers. There are currently dozens of projects underway and in early planning stages to take place over the next few years.

As early as this fall we will see some of these projects coming to fruition. This includes the new Whole Foods opening at 17th and Wewatta, along with 580 luxury apartments just upstairs from the grocery chain. At 15th and Lawrence, more than 600,000 square feet of plush office space will open this year.

All of the projects currently in the forecast total $2.5 billion in Denver investments that will be borne out over the next few years.

Why Infill?

After years of expanding outward, many people are discovering the perks of living in central Denver once more. With expansions to the light rail system and other public transport options, many now consider it easier to work and play in Denver.
Additionally, there are plenty of areas in and around Denver that many people feel have long been underutilized. These spaces are being effectively turned into offices, hotels and condos, which are helping to take the strain from Denver’s rapidly growing population.

Denver offers plenty of opportunities for investors who are looking to develop in centralized population dense areas. Many market forecasters think there is no end in sight for these projects, especially when it comes to residential and office space.
As it is, plenty of companies are already looking to expand upwards and take over older buildings to bring more conveniences to the city.

To learn more about opportunities to invest in Denver, contact Unique Properties and speak to our Denver infill specialists today. We are happy to answer your questions about Denver’s commercial real estate and ongoing plans in the city.

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