How to Build Out an Office Space on Budget

June 15, 2018

Updated March 3, 2020

Commercial real estate in Denver is widely considered to be a “hot cake,” especially with the blooming businesses springing up daily. The state has progressively grown to become a magnetic hub of thriving companies. And when searching for office space in Denver, you’ll want something that impresses clients, keeps employees happy, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Planning in advance not only saves time but also comes in handy when preparing a better-finished office space while staying within your budget. If you intend on building out office space on a budget, then you might want to consider the following factors:

Be Flexible

Typically, office spaces characterized by several private offices, conference rooms, and break rooms are advantageous to employees who prefer privacy but also contribute to higher costs. On the other hand, an open floor plan with wireless technology is cheaper since it takes away walls and wirings that take up a lot of space. Having a space that serves multiple functions can also be cost-effective. Changes are bound to happen and having fixed partitions are very expensive when it comes to freeing up space to accommodate new employees or equipment. It also makes sense to rent in a facility that has shared common facilities, meeting rooms, and even restaurants.

Consider The Condition of the Space

The condition of the proposed space can significantly affect the budget of your office build out. Instead of renting and conducting significant alterations and additions, why not consider second-generation space? This entails moving into space with most of the buildout already done by the former tenant. In such a case, you only need to do minor renovations as opposed to stripping the entire space afresh.

Look for Quality Alternatives

Quality of furniture and finishes can light up a space while offering flexibility. But this can significantly determine how much money is paid at the end of it all. For instance, high-quality wood fetches high prices, but laminate flooring is the best option for businesses on a tight budget. You can also have carpets and simple wall finishes that can be changed or moved when your lease ends. Affordable but quality alternatives can make space feel special and exude professionalism.

Purchase in Bulk

The economies of scale can remarkably work in your favor when settling for larger spaces. This means that factoring in discounts in bulk purchases can significantly reduce the price per square foot, especially if you’re looking to build out on a larger space.

If you’re looking for a commercial real estate property, you can rely on Unique Properties for innovative solutions and Denver office space brokerage. Contact us to learn how we can best help you obtain your preferred office space.


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