Multifamily Properties in Denver, CO

Conventional wisdom says you make your money in a real estate transaction when you buy the property, not when you sell it—and nowhere is that more true than when you’re investing in multifamily properties. Knowing how to buy a multifamily property that will perform as a rental or other asset is the essential building block in commercial real estate and multifamily portfolios. At Unique Properties, Inc., we provide expertise and a carefully curated list of properties so our clients can confidently move forward in buying a multifamily home. Learn more about the different types of properties available, the benefits of investing in this niche, and how we can help.

Benefits of Investing in Denver Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties are an efficiently profitable property type for investors who want to significantly increase the number of doors in their portfolios. At Unique Properties, we help you on this journey by evaluating multi-family properties throughout the Denver metroplex and looking for properties that meet our standards. Then, we can pair you with properties that match your portfolio, preferences, and budget.

The benefits of work with us include:

  • Expertise in how to buy a multifamily property: We can guide you through inspections and property comparisons so you have a full understanding of every property’s strengths and weaknesses. With the right level of insight, you can decide whether a property is a profitable addition to your portfolio as a short-term purchase or a buy-and-hold investment property.
  • Convenience: Take the tedious legwork out of your processes. Finding high-performance properties can take a lot of time and effort. We handle that aspect of the process for you so you can efficiently compare properties and move to the offer stage.
  • Variety of properties in the commercial real estate and multifamily space: We research a wide range of different multifamily properties in Denver that vary in target market, size, and price.
  • Property management services for after the sale is complete: Unique Properties, Inc. also provides landlord representation and property management services. Once you add a new multifamily property to your holdings, you can immediately outsource the day-to-day management and administration.

Types of Multi-Family Properties in Denver

Denver is a growing city of over 700,000 people, and Metro Denver has over 3 million occupants—and they all need a place to live. That means investors can choose from a wide range of options when buying multi-family properties. Some of the most popular options are:


Choose small or large apartment complexes based on your budget and portfolio goals. Apartments are a popular housing choice that has a lot of demand throughout Denver.


Condos are a similar investment option to apartments, but they tend to have longer-term occupants. This investment type is a good choice for buy-and-hold investors who want less tenant turnover.


Townhomes are an efficient alternative to investing in single-family homes, and they’re an excellent entry point for investors who want to start adding multifamily properties to their portfolio. Townhomes are typically duplexes, but triplexes and quadplexes are also popular throughout Metro Denver.

Multifamily Real Estate Services

Unique Properties, Inc. provides multiple real estate services you need to buy multifamily property conveniently and confidently. Our competitive services include:

  • An extensive network across Denver for finding the right properties for our clients so you can buy multifamily property holdings that work with your goals
  • Years of expertise in Metro Denver’s unique real estate market for residential and commercial segments
  • Property selling services that align with our client’s personal and financial goals
  • Property management services for hands-off investment and tenant management

Invest in Quality and Profitable Multifamily Properties in Denver, CO, With Unique Properties

Deciding to invest in commercial real estate and multifamily properties is an exciting challenge, and the team at Unique Properties, Inc. knows how to buy a multifamily property that’s the right fit for your goals. Reach out today to learn more about our processes or to take the first step to buying multifamily property.

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