Top 5 Urban Development Trends

August 17, 2018

Urban designs have been subjected to radical transformations to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of the urban construction market. 2017 saw the continuation of the evolution of expectations from the consumers, office workers, developers, and cities. The designs have moved from the position of being “business as usual” with urban planning trends guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Here are the top five Denver urban development trends.

Experience, Not Just Space

In the past, every urban designer had to stick to the idea of “place-making.” Urban development trends now call for creating experience, which involves how buildings and spaces are treated in relation to human-scale design. Developers are looking into cookie-cutter designs and franchise architecture to bring out the idea as new developments are created and existing ones are reinvented.


While traditional urban trends paid emphasis on just creating contemporary rental and small-scale, a sudden change of heart can be traced to the adoption of “IoT” intelligent structures monitoring resource consumption, reducing energy costs, and boosting efficiency. With elements such as LCD screens, smart buildings, and computer automation, the urban design has seen a massive integration of digital technologies.

Going Green

Significant open space components are being added in urban development projects. Urban planners are continually finding ways to creatively weave nature back into the city, especially with space at a premium. Planting trees is a solution that may help reduce storm runoff while taking back part of the street and giving it back to people. People living and working in urban settings can enjoy the feeling of the outdoors.


Decades of suburban sprawl resulted in the development of boring, empty, single-use downtowns that do not meet the modern consumer’s expectations. There’s renewed interest in creating real places that allow employees, residents, visitors, and shoppers to be continually engaged. Suburbs and cities will continue to redevelop mixed-use neighborhoods with access to culture and dining, less reliance on driving, and no maintenance residences.


With changes in demographics, temperature and sea levels, increased natural disasters, and technological advances, developers are now designing sustainable and future-proof cities. This calls for designs that would address the issues of intense rainfall, floods, and storm surge. The demand for parking garages is set to decrease and developers are now designing a garage with a slightly taller floor-to-floor height and flat floorplates that would make it easy to turn the space into an office or apartment in the future.

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