What Do Commercial Real Estate Brokers Do?

August 26, 2019
If you are a novice to the commercial real estate world, you may be trying to educate yourself with all of its vocabulary and concepts before deciding whether you want to delve into this particular lucrative investment field. While you know what a broker is, you may be wondering what do commercial real estate brokers do? Here is some information so you can understand their function, and whether they specialize in being a sales, buyer, or leasing broker.

A Licensed, Dedicated Professional

When you are buying, leasing, or selling commercial real estate property, a commercial real estate broker is the professional you would use to assist you with every step of the process. He or she has taken the requisite steps to become qualified to work in this field. When you use one of the brokers at Unique Properties, you can be assured that this professional has the necessary credentials to work on such significant transactions.

Commercial real estate brokers earn their license to work in this field by carrying out different steps. First, it is mandatory that all individuals seeking to become a real estate broker take many hours of educational courses in the field through an accredited provider. Then, he or she must pass both a qualifying background check and an examination to receive a license, as well as procure a mandated amount of insurance. And, during the course of their career, they must follow Colorado laws at all times with respect to their operations.


Buying Transactions

If you are looking to purchase a property for investment purposes, a broker is a smart choice to help you navigate the progression of this deal. He or she has the tools to help their clients find exactly the type of property they are looking for since there are certain real estate platforms that are available exclusively to real estate professionals. A good broker also has extensive knowledge of the market in a particular area and should be able to give advice on whether properties are favorably priced. And sometimes, the broker learns of properties before they even go on the market.

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Leasing Transactions

Having a dedicated leasing broker is one way to be sure your transactions go off without a hitch. Whether you are a landlord wanting new tenants or a company needing tenant representation, this professional comes with the requisite experience to guide you through the process from start to finish. Some brokers are tenant brokers, some are landlord brokers, and others are dual agents. No matter which side they are representing, a broker is there to help during negotiations to secure the best terms possible for their client. This may include the leasing price, duration of the lease, utilities, favorable clauses, leasehold improvements, or other concessions on the property.


Selling Transactions

A great commercial real estate broker is constantly accumulating and analyzing all kinds of data, including what recent sales have been in a specific area. Then, when a client enlists the services of this broker, that client can use these statistics to price the property they are selling at an optimal price. This price point is one that is favorable enough to those wishing to invest, yet enables the seller to make the largest profit possible. An effective broker also has the tools to reach a large base of target buyers, thus allowing this transaction to occur in a timely manner.

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When you hire Unique Properties with over four decades of experience in the commercial real estate market, you are acquiring not just the services of a professional, but also their years of amassed experience that are there to benefit you. Commercial real estate in Colorado is a hot investment field with the potential for amazing returns. Contact Unique Properties today to set up an appointment with one of our commercial real estate professionals.

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