What to Look for When Buying Land in Colorado

May 23, 2018

Updated March 13th, 2020

There are several things those of us at Unique Properties have found to be necessary to consider when purchasing property in Colorado. We’ve put together this short guide to help prospective buyers know what things are most important to find out before signing paperwork.

1. Location Considerations

It may not all be about the location, but this factor is definitely near the top of the list of considerations. Where you purchase can determine things like restrictions on what you build or how you build it. The location will determine if your land contains issues with flooding or is subject to restrictions that protect endangered wildlife. It also determines what association fees you may be subject to and what those cover in the way of amenities.

2. Utilities

You will need to know whether the property you are considering has access to the heating and electricity provided by the county. If it does, is the property already connected or will you have to pay to have lines put in? Sewer and water access are also necessities. Does the county provide sewer service in the area or will you need to rely on a septic system? If you need a septic system, is there already one on the property? Will your water come from county pipes or an on-property well?

3. Zoning Matters

Find out what the properties in the area are zoned for. You want to know if what you thought would remain a residential area will see a factory or large retail store being built close to your backyard shortly. This could happen if the area is also zoned for commercial. This may not matter to you, but having a decent understanding of the listing’s property description can give you a better idea.

4. Living Conditions

How well is the neighborhood kept crime-free? Are there places like schools, retail outlets, or parks within walking distance? If not, how far away are these things? Is this a neighborhood where the neighbors have a warm, friendly feel or is it divided by privacy fences that indicate everyone keeps to themselves? You want to consider your preference before purchasing.

5. Road Care

Does the community provide snow removal services or will you need to find a way through the snow in the winter? You will want to know if transportation will be an issue for you so you can prepare in advance. This is another matter that may not prevent your purchase, but you will want to know in advance.

If you are considering purchasing land in the Colorado area, contact us today so we can discuss your needs and answer any questions. Unique Properties offers a number of services that can help ease the confusion that often comes with buying land.

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