What Is a Commercial Zone?

October 20, 2018

If you are looking for real estate tips before buying your first commercial property, then here is an important one: Understand zoning. If you do, you will be more likely to find a property that is built to suit your needs.

Types of Property Zones

Commercial zones are areas of a city, township, or other municipality specifically set aside for commercial businesses. They are separate from agricultural, industrial, and residential zones as far as land use is concerned. As far as ordinance-based zoning goes, things can get a lot more complicated, and that is where you find requirements about parking, utility line placement, and so forth.

Why Zoning Helps Businesses

Zoning laws are designed to create areas of a municipality with similar use requirements. That way, residential properties do not find themselves buttressed on either side by high-traffic commercial areas. Similarly, separating agricultural and industrial zones from commercial zones means that your commercial business will not have the environmental effects of large-scale farming or possible local environmental pollutants that come with some industrial uses of the property.

The Commercial Zone as a Customer Magnet

Another advantage of zoning for commercial businesses is the ability to locate near other businesses that have already established constant traffic. This way, you can coexist with other companies that do not directly compete with you to draw more customers. It also guarantees the property will be configured in ways that support conducting the kind of business you do. That means providing:

  • Adequate HVAC for staff and customer comfort
  • Parking to support customer traffic
  • Setback and improvement requirements that conform to other commercial buildings

It is a straightforward idea. Put your business where businesses already thrive. Zoning takes it a step further, designating a specific commercial zone where the properties are built to help businesses with public-facing operations.

Find the Perfect Property for Your Business

When looking for commercial properties that are not only zoned for business but are built with a company like yours in mind, contact Unique Properties today. Many have found success in their real estate pursuits with our dedicated assistance. When you work with our team, you get to work with professionals who are just as serious about finding you the right property as you are.

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